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ADIUVARE – United Diabetic Association Varese is an ODV (Organizzazione Di Volontariato) association founded in 2011.

Adiuvare is a transitive verb (ancient term) and it means to help.

The association is formed by a group of parents of children and adults with diabetes.

People who have decided to dedicate part of their time and energy to take care of the problems related to the disease which, for type 1, is treatable but not curable.

A disease for life.

The focus is mainly on children / young people and their families.

We finance:
Thanks to donations and fundraising, we guarantee, at the Filippo del Ponte maternal and child hospital in Varese, the presence of:

  • a psychologist, for free psychological support with the aim of supporting families during the growth process of young people, with particular attention to any personal and family discomforts
  • a dietician / nutritionist, for free nutritional support: carbohydrate counting, celiac disease and healthy eating
  • a home nurse, to be of support to the new beginnings of type 1 diabetes and to their families

We organize:

  • carbohydrate counting courses for proper disease management
  • educational interventions within schools for children and teaching staff
    “diabetes at school” courses aimed at teaching and ATA staff of all levels, to welcome children with type 1 diabetes in the best possible way
  • family tutor training courses, to form a “team” ready to give non-medical support to new beginnings in the hospital
  • Various meetings between the members: parents, children and teenagers.
    fundraising events
  • world diabetes day on November 14th

We organize and finance:

  • school camps for children and teenagers with type 1 diabetes in the summer months. Knowledge of the disease is essential for proper self-management education.
    and then..
  • The “Tutor Families”: to welcome those who are entering this new world for the first time, accompanying them on tiptoe as only those who have the same experience on their shoulders can do.
  • The WhatsApp Group: to always stay in touch with those who experience the same problems