Living in the middle of 7 lakes offers great opportunities! You can make unique excursions with breathtaking views, visit many places of interest such as museums and villas, you can do countless sports and much more!

In this site you will find a selection of places where I suggest you go, some deserve a dedicated trip!

We are lucky because we live in a beautiful part of the world, our territory is spectacular! You don’t need to go to the other side of the earth to go on holiday and live beautiful days!

The idea of creating this website and Facebook page came to me last year after flying over these areas with a helicopter/autogyro. The purpose is very simple: to enhance what we have in front of us, create synergies in the territory and give some ideas to people to take trips out of town or to stay a few days to learn more about our area.

Who am I

  • Francesco - Le mini crociere sul lago Maggiore

Hello, welcome to my site.

My name is Francesco and I would like to be for you the friend that everyone would like to have when you go on vacation, the person who suggests a place to visit, a trip to do or that particular restaurant .

I’ll tell you something about me…. read more